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Fresh fruit

Photo: Charming Guesthouse in Australia by Gardener & Marks

At one point we would like to clean up our attic and turn it into an amazing space. Now it functions as a storage/guest room. We really should get rid off all the junk and furniture that we don’t use anymore. Our attic has wood everywhere, and I am playing with the idea of painting the whole space white to give it a clean and fresh look. But first of all, we will have to decide and agree on what we will do with the space. Here are some ideas I have found on the web:


Photo: Eclectic dreams

We definitely need some storage space as well, these built-in shelves look amazing. Our attic doesn’t have such high ceiling, but I can imagine having a smaller version.

Guest room

Photo: 456 notek

Oh, what a lovely guest room idea.

Loft Kids Bedroom

Photo: Decoholic

We could build a loft for Ella for when she is older.

Dressing room

Photo: Interior Design

Or maybe I will just transform the attic into a walk in dressing room :-)!